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Understanding the Need for Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is a practical and convenient way to sell your products in the global markets. Besides the US and Canada, you can sell your products in Mexico, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherland, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Japan, China, and India.

Since its inception in2015, the Amazon international selling program for online sellers has captivated more than 30,000 sellers globally. Amazon’s international sales program is very attractive to online sellers as it provides a comprehensive solution as Amazon aims to streamline international online selling. Amazon international provides Amazon sellers with a convenient and easy-to-use platform that makes international selling very convenient.

Hence, the Amazon Global Selling program gives you, as an Amazon seller, easy access to a broader market, fully supported by Amazon’s various seller tools and logistics network. The available tools provided by Amazon will help you or an Amazon seller with product listing, currency conversion, international fulfillment, customs and duties assistance, and customer service in local languages.

With a well-built and well-oiled e-commerce platform, Amazon Global Selling makes international selling almost like a turn-key project. Setting up is easy once you meet all the requirements and proceed with targeted advertising with a ready-made process for any Amazon seller to sell more and faster regardless of whether you have a well-established brand or product or just a simple start-up company. You are good to go!

According to, “The global retail e-commerce market share of Amazon in 2019 is projected to account for 13.7 percent of worldwide retail e-commerce sales. In the United States, Amazon is expected to account for over half of the local e-commerce market.”

Considering the financial benefits, convenience, and practical value that Amazon Global Selling brings to the table, Amazon sellers who are keen on expanding their global business operations should consider the program.

A Global Business Opportunity

As we have previously discussed, the Amazon Global Selling program makes it convenient for an aspiring Amazon international seller to venture into the global market. Being part of the Amazon Global Selling program would automatically give any prospective participant easy access to the enormous number of existing Amazon international customers. 

As of 2020, it is estimated that there are more than 300 million active Amazon customer accounts worldwide. And that figure doesn’t include the 150 million members of Amazon Prime globally. With the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers scattered globally, Amazon developed state-of-the-art international logistics to support customers shopping all over the world. 

All the convenience and privileges are given to a single Amazon seller central account. Not to mention being able to participate in various consumer activities in different Amazon stores worldwide. Interested? If you need help setting up an international Amazon account, we at Sellers Launch can help you. Just reach out to Sellers Launch, and we will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you.  

Amazon Regions and Stores

To give you an idea of the enormous possibilities if you decide to venture into Amazon Global Selling, here is an updated list of Amazon regions and active Amazon stores. 

Amazon International – Americas

Amazon International – Europe

Amazon International – Asia-Pacific

Amazon International – Middle East

Benefits of Amazon Global Selling

 Still undecided about venturing into a global expansion? Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider going global.

  1. Access to a Global Retail Market

 Since Amazon already has the platform, market, and international logistic structure in place, Amazon Global Selling offers the convenience of a ready-made international organization. It provides Amazon Sellers with the ability to sell to the top international retail markets more quickly than trying to enter the international markets on your own. By launching internationally on Amazon, you gain immediate access to its global customers in more than 180 countries.

  1. Access 12 Marketplaces with Just 3 Accounts

Like all Amazon Global Selling members, you can apply for a single account for every major marketplace -- namely, Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific – then set up shop on any or all of the 12 sites under each marketplace that suit you best.  With only three accounts to manage and access the entire Amazon world, moving into the global market becomes much simpler and more convenient.

Or you may decide to begin in a single marketplace area. A seller set up on Amazon Americas, for example, can already start expanding into the three additional American marketplaces; namely, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil; without having to set up different new accounts. 

  1. Easy International Payment

With access to a built-in currency converter, Amazon Global Selling makes getting paid so much easier. The currency converter enables Global Amazon retailers in all Amazon participating countries to get paid through their local banks in their local currencies. If you are a US bank account holder, using the currency converter is free of charge.

  1. Convenient Product Fulfillment

Selling by exporting products to other countries can be costly and involves much paperwork, not to mention the horrendous amount of red tape and other business hassles on top of shipments and returns. These are but some of the reasons why some people don’t want to go global. 

Amazon Global Selling came out with the best logistic features of selling on Amazon – FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon. With FBA plus a ready customer base for your products, selling globally suddenly becomes very convenient. 

  1. Language Support

Customer service or customer support is another major challenge for an Amazon seller when venturing into international sales. Amazon Global Selling removes this hurdle by providing full support for all local languages in every country they operate.

How Can We Help? 

If international sales were easy, every seller with a dream to go global would have done it already. Doing it alone, you will face a lot of challenges, but with Amazon Global Selling, the business is practically set up, making it easier for you to focus on developing your product and business operation. 

Need more help? We at Sellers Launch can help you set up your account. Just reach out to Sellers Launch, and we will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you.  

Want to talk about working together to grow your Amazon business? 

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