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A Beginner's Guide to Amazon Returns

 As an Amazon Seller, you might have realized by now that one of the most critical aspects of managing a successful Amazon operation is understanding how to handle returns to avoid account or listing suspensions.

For the past several years, return delivery costs have reached 75% or a whopping $550 billion in 2020. That figure only accounts for the return shipping fees. As an Amazon Seller, you may be paying more than that. When you factor in the processing fees, restocking, and reselling items after their return Being an FBA seller, you may also be charged inventory removal and disposal fees if Amazon deems your product is no longer sellable.

Successfully managing these returns is mandatory to minimize their cost and maximize your profits.

Reasons Why Customers Return an Item

At first glance, the Amazon Seller return policy may seem complicated. They have a policy for nearly every category, and simplifying things seems inconceivable. Nevertheless, there are three reasons why a...

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