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A Guide to Understanding Amazon Account Health

Still trying to figure out what the Amazon Account Health page is all about?

In some measure, Amazon’s business model centers on the execution of its third-party sellers,  referring to you. And to make sure that all third-party sellers provide consistent product quality and customer service, Amazon imposed certain metrics and policies to provide sellers with the tools needed to check and improve their performance.  These tools are accessible in Seller Central through the Performance Menu. 

What Is Amazon Account Health?

As a third-party seller, you need to agree to and follow certain guidelines imposed by Amazon. One requirement is to comply with metics at certain levels, which is known as Account Health. There are many metrics you need to meet to continue selling in Amazon; failing to comply will lead to a warning, account suspension, or if not corrected, the dreaded account removal. 

Amazon has allocated a page in your Seller Central account called...

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