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The Benefits of Amazon’s Virtual Product Bundles

You have heard about product bundles since you were young. Bundles have been a popular sales strategy in brick-and-mortar stores, like department stores and supermarkets for many years. The concept is simple: group different or related products together into a single unit at a discounted price. The idea is to price the bundle at a lower price than the sum of each product when added together. It makes sense, right?

The actual challenge is how to translate this terrific sales concept to eCommerce. In the digitized online sales world, one can’t simply make and add a new product code for a bundle and sell them alongside the individual products that are part of the bundle. The problem is, this can mess up stock levels or get your inventory all mixed up. It gets more complicated and utterly confusing if each bundled product is located in a different warehouse. 

This dilemma gave birth to Amazon’s Virtual Product Bundle program. The program was rolled out during the...

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