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Amazon Keyword Research Tips for Boosting Rank and Selling More Products

A key to successful selling on Amazon is having a good strategy for keyword research. Amazon is the most significant product search engine in the world. Most product searches start on eCommerce sites such as Amazon nowadays. Five times more users search for products on Amazon than they do on Google. 

A product that gets sold frequently when a user enters a particular keyword seems to be a good match for the search query. Therefore, the product that doesn't lead to purchases gets ranked down to display another best-selling item. In other words, the on-going battle for keywords plays a significant role. Amazon Keyword Research is the strategic optimization to receive superior rankings for relevant keywords to lead potential buyers to the listing page and convince them to purchase the product.

Let's narrow it down to an easy step by step manner, so it's easy to follow through. 


First thing first is knowing what your "Main" keyword as this, is the heart...

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