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The Benefits of Amazon’s Virtual Product Bundles

You have heard about product bundles since you were young. Bundles have been a popular sales strategy in brick-and-mortar stores, like department stores and supermarkets for many years. The concept is simple: group different or related products together into a single unit at a discounted price. The idea is to price the bundle at a lower price than the sum of each product when added together. It makes sense, right?

The actual challenge is how to translate this terrific sales concept to eCommerce. In the digitized online sales world, one can’t simply make and add a new product code for a bundle and sell them alongside the individual products that are part of the bundle. The problem is, this can mess up stock levels or get your inventory all mixed up. It gets more complicated and utterly confusing if each bundled product is located in a different warehouse. 

This dilemma gave birth to Amazon’s Virtual Product Bundle program. The program was rolled out during the...

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Why Do You Need an Amazon Store Front?

Let's face it, it is tough to establish a strong brand on Amazon. Why? First, the brand can be easily overlooked because it is printed so small you can barely see it. Second, almost every product listing looks like; at times, they even look identical. 

That is why Amazon introduced Amazon Stores to improve brand visibility and set up a unique home page inside Amazon to showcase your value proposition. Now that Amazon A+ is the norm, taking your brand to the next level with Amazon Stores is a step in the right direction. Creative content is arguably a big-ticket to establish your brand equity and to promote customer loyalty in Amazon.

What Is a Storefront on Amazon?

First, let me emphasize that an Amazon Storefront is FREE! You can avail of it at no cost whatsoever. If you need help, you can reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. 

Again, the Amazon Store is a free premium content feature offered on Amazon that allows vendors to showcase their products and...

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Amazon Vendor Central Tips, Advantages, Disadvantages



Josh: Hey, thanks for joining us today. My name is Josh Ford with Sellers Launch and I'm joined here today by Eric Spaulding from Sellers Launch as well, and uh, we just got together today. We were kind of going through and doing some work on some different accounts so we got to talking about a vendor central and we got into this really good back and forth discussion and I thought, hey, this might be, you know, a good discussion to, to shoot on camera so that we could share it with all you out there who are managing Amazon accounts, looking to grow your Amazon account and some of you sellers out there who maybe you're not on vendor central, you're not sure, uh, what vendor central is all about, what the pros and cons are. So today what we're gonna do is we're going to get into a discussion. We're gonna, kind of let you peek in and see kind of, you know, what are the differences and the pros and cons between vendor central and seller central. So, uh, thanks for joining me...

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