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Why Do You Need an Amazon Store Front?

Let's face it, it is tough to establish a strong brand on Amazon. Why? First, the brand can be easily overlooked because it is printed so small you can barely see it. Second, almost every product listing looks like; at times, they even look identical. 

That is why Amazon introduced Amazon Stores to improve brand visibility and set up a unique home page inside Amazon to showcase your value proposition. Now that Amazon A+ is the norm, taking your brand to the next level with Amazon Stores is a step in the right direction. Creative content is arguably a big-ticket to establish your brand equity and to promote customer loyalty in Amazon.

What Is a Storefront on Amazon?

First, let me emphasize that an Amazon Storefront is FREE! You can avail of it at no cost whatsoever. If you need help, you can reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. 

Again, the Amazon Store is a free premium content feature offered on Amazon that allows vendors to showcase their products and...

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The New World of Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Are you looking for ways to sell more products on Amazon?

There's a new advertising option: Sponsored Brand Videos. Amazon first called this "video in search," and it was only available on the Amazon app through iOS devices. Since then, they've expanded, and now you can find the option on Android devices as well as your desktop computer. Amazon uses this technology to expand the eCommerce market and leave more of an impression on customers.

With so many sellers on Amazon, they continue to find ways for the many players to advertise their products, and this is especially true since the sponsored products market use has grown. Because the costs increase for more traditional ads, users are looking for new real estate for their ads. Basically, you can advertise your listing by showing the product, images, or through a video.  If you're interested in this new opportunity and your brand is registered, you can check out if placing these ads is a good fit for your business. 


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Amazon Keyword Research Tips for Boosting Rank and Selling More Products

A key to successful selling on Amazon is having a good strategy for keyword research. Amazon is the most significant product search engine in the world. Most product searches start on eCommerce sites such as Amazon nowadays. Five times more users search for products on Amazon than they do on Google. 

A product that gets sold frequently when a user enters a particular keyword seems to be a good match for the search query. Therefore, the product that doesn't lead to purchases gets ranked down to display another best-selling item. In other words, the on-going battle for keywords plays a significant role. Amazon Keyword Research is the strategic optimization to receive superior rankings for relevant keywords to lead potential buyers to the listing page and convince them to purchase the product.

Let's narrow it down to an easy step by step manner, so it's easy to follow through. 


First thing first is knowing what your "Main" keyword as this, is the heart...

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Amazon Vendor Central Tips, Advantages, Disadvantages



Josh: Hey, thanks for joining us today. My name is Josh Ford with Sellers Launch and I'm joined here today by Eric Spaulding from Sellers Launch as well, and uh, we just got together today. We were kind of going through and doing some work on some different accounts so we got to talking about a vendor central and we got into this really good back and forth discussion and I thought, hey, this might be, you know, a good discussion to, to shoot on camera so that we could share it with all you out there who are managing Amazon accounts, looking to grow your Amazon account and some of you sellers out there who maybe you're not on vendor central, you're not sure, uh, what vendor central is all about, what the pros and cons are. So today what we're gonna do is we're going to get into a discussion. We're gonna, kind of let you peek in and see kind of, you know, what are the differences and the pros and cons between vendor central and seller central. So, uh, thanks for joining me...

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The Beginners Guide to Launching and Optimizing Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns

If you are an Amazon seller, the onus falls on you to make your products as visible as possible. One of the best ways to do this is via Amazon PPC Ad Campaign.

A proper setup of this campaign will help you to win sales. Amazon PPC will help highlight the items and push them to the faces of the prospective buyers.

PPC Ad stands for Pay Per Click Advertising. It gives you a unique opportunity to promote various items on Amazon.

It does so by directing prospective buyers to those products. You will pay based on the number of clicks on the ad, which is why it is pay-per-click advertising. The strategy can increase the awareness for your product.

Studies show that Amazon PPC doubled globally. PPC clicks also increases sales by more than 150%.

In this write-up, you will learn how to create your first campaign. This way, you can start making some cool cash off Amazon. This comprehensive guide will lead you by the hands.

You will never take a wrong step or make a wrong move that may...

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