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Is Amazon’s FBA Labeling Service for You?

If you are launching a product as an Amazon Seller, product labeling might be last on your long list of priorities. If this is the case, you might want to revisit that priority list. Product labeling might not sound important, but trust me when I say it is something you should take seriously, especially with Amazon, where more than 4,000 products are being sold every minute. This busy e-commerce platform requires a rigorous logistic process and product labeling is on the top of that list. 

Amazon FBA labels have unique requirements and guidelines that most Amazon Sellers cannot figure out or implement independently. We at Sellers Launch can help you with Amazon FBA Labeling Service. If you need help, reach out to Sellers Launch, and we will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you.  

What is Amazon’s FBA Label Service

The Fulfilled by Amazon service, or FBA, is a means by which Amazon Sellers transfer some of the logistic functions they sell in Amazon...

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