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Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Hands down, Amazon Prime Day is the best day of the year for both customers and Amazon Sellers.

Why? Because Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest annual sales event where they offer better-than-Black-Friday deals! This has been the best event for Amazon since its first-ever Prime Day took place last July 15, 2015, to commemorate 20 years since went live and 10 years of Prime.

For those who are unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Day, it is an exclusive event for Amazon’s more than 150 million Prime subscribers. It’s a day when Amazon offers some of the lowest prices of the year on Amazon devices and leading brands.

Prime membership for customers costs $12.99 a month ($119 a year) but it provides many benefits, like free two-day shipping, rewards at Amazon stores like Whole Foods, and hundreds of streaming movies and TV shows from Prime Video. New subscribers can try Prime with a free 30-day trial.

For Amazon Sellers, Amazon Prime Day is the retailer’s...

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Understanding the Need for Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is a practical and convenient way to sell your products in the global markets. Besides the US and Canada, you can sell your products in Mexico, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherland, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Japan, China, and India.

Since its inception in2015, the Amazon international selling program for online sellers has captivated more than 30,000 sellers globally. Amazon’s international sales program is very attractive to online sellers as it provides a comprehensive solution as Amazon aims to streamline international online selling. Amazon international provides Amazon sellers with a convenient and easy-to-use platform that makes international selling very convenient.

Hence, the Amazon Global Selling program gives you, as an Amazon seller, easy access to a broader market, fully supported by Amazon’s various seller tools and logistics network. The available tools provided by Amazon will help you or an Amazon seller with product...

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Is Amazon’s FBA Labeling Service for You?

If you are launching a product as an Amazon Seller, product labeling might be last on your long list of priorities. If this is the case, you might want to revisit that priority list. Product labeling might not sound important, but trust me when I say it is something you should take seriously, especially with Amazon, where more than 4,000 products are being sold every minute. This busy e-commerce platform requires a rigorous logistic process and product labeling is on the top of that list. 

Amazon FBA labels have unique requirements and guidelines that most Amazon Sellers cannot figure out or implement independently. We at Sellers Launch can help you with Amazon FBA Labeling Service. If you need help, reach out to Sellers Launch, and we will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you.  

What is Amazon’s FBA Label Service

The Fulfilled by Amazon service, or FBA, is a means by which Amazon Sellers transfer some of the logistic functions they sell in Amazon...

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The Benefits of Amazon’s Virtual Product Bundles

You have heard about product bundles since you were young. Bundles have been a popular sales strategy in brick-and-mortar stores, like department stores and supermarkets for many years. The concept is simple: group different or related products together into a single unit at a discounted price. The idea is to price the bundle at a lower price than the sum of each product when added together. It makes sense, right?

The actual challenge is how to translate this terrific sales concept to eCommerce. In the digitized online sales world, one can’t simply make and add a new product code for a bundle and sell them alongside the individual products that are part of the bundle. The problem is, this can mess up stock levels or get your inventory all mixed up. It gets more complicated and utterly confusing if each bundled product is located in a different warehouse. 

This dilemma gave birth to Amazon’s Virtual Product Bundle program. The program was rolled out during the...

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A Guide to Understanding Amazon Account Health

Still trying to figure out what the Amazon Account Health page is all about?

In some measure, Amazon’s business model centers on the execution of its third-party sellers,  referring to you. And to make sure that all third-party sellers provide consistent product quality and customer service, Amazon imposed certain metrics and policies to provide sellers with the tools needed to check and improve their performance.  These tools are accessible in Seller Central through the Performance Menu. 

What Is Amazon Account Health?

As a third-party seller, you need to agree to and follow certain guidelines imposed by Amazon. One requirement is to comply with metics at certain levels, which is known as Account Health. There are many metrics you need to meet to continue selling in Amazon; failing to comply will lead to a warning, account suspension, or if not corrected, the dreaded account removal. 

Amazon has allocated a page in your Seller Central account called...

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A Beginner's Guide to Amazon Returns

 As an Amazon Seller, you might have realized by now that one of the most critical aspects of managing a successful Amazon operation is understanding how to handle returns to avoid account or listing suspensions.

For the past several years, return delivery costs have reached 75% or a whopping $550 billion in 2020. That figure only accounts for the return shipping fees. As an Amazon Seller, you may be paying more than that. When you factor in the processing fees, restocking, and reselling items after their return Being an FBA seller, you may also be charged inventory removal and disposal fees if Amazon deems your product is no longer sellable.

Successfully managing these returns is mandatory to minimize their cost and maximize your profits.

Reasons Why Customers Return an Item

At first glance, the Amazon Seller return policy may seem complicated. They have a policy for nearly every category, and simplifying things seems inconceivable. Nevertheless, there are three reasons why a...

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Amazon One and Beyond

Last September 2020, Amazon introduced Amazon One. New biometric technology allows shoppers at Amazon Go stores to pay for their purchases by scanning the palm of their hands. It was a breakthrough that everyone is practically giving a hand to experience. 

Amazon maintains its position as the No. 1 online retailer in North America, with its online sales representing nearly 31.4% of the United States e-commerce sales growth in 2020. Amazon also takes a massive cut by selling payments services and other technologies to external shopping sites. That is a large piece of the online sales growth, something we are all too familiar with when it comes to Amazon.  

This is why it is no longer surprising to see the e-commerce giant grab a piece of the brick-and-mortar shopping market, and Amazon wants all its customers to lend a hand practically. 

What is Amazon One?

Image courtesy of

Amazon One is a new biometric technology that allows...

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Social Commerce: Is It the Next Bandwagon?

Social commerce happens when savvy marketers take social media and combine it with the best of e-commerce. It is like Facebook and Amazon combined and giving birth to a hybrid.

As of 2020, social commerce is an $89.4 billion market, and it is expected to reach $604.5 billion in the next seven years.

If you are an existing Amazon seller with excellent products to sell, incorporating Social Commerce into your marketing strategy can be your best move in 2021. 

We at Sellers Launch are more than happy to help you understand Social Commerce and how it can help your brand if you include it in your marketing campaign. Just reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you.

Curious about how to get a piece of the Social Commerce pie? Read on!

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce utilizes networking platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook as effective media to boost product...

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How to Use Pinterest for Your E-Commerce Business

Most sellers still don’t take Pinterest for e-commerce very seriously, which can prove to be a big mistake.  


According to, Pinterest is the third-largest social network in the United States. Pinterest users also spend 50% more than they do on other competitor platforms like Instagram and Facebook, according to

Pinterest has grown and evolved with its features and capabilities getting more competitive. Women comprised 80% of its total users. But interest had grown farther from when it was first launched in 2010. It is now a place for eCommerce businesses to engage with users and generate more sales for their brands. If you, as a seller and as a brand, can master Pinterest for eCommerce, then there is an excellent opportunity for your brand to increase traffic and sales for your site. 

All social media platforms provide businesses with the opportunity to get closer to their customers, Increase engagement, and thereby increase...

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Why Do You Need an Amazon Store Front?

Let's face it, it is tough to establish a strong brand on Amazon. Why? First, the brand can be easily overlooked because it is printed so small you can barely see it. Second, almost every product listing looks like; at times, they even look identical. 

That is why Amazon introduced Amazon Stores to improve brand visibility and set up a unique home page inside Amazon to showcase your value proposition. Now that Amazon A+ is the norm, taking your brand to the next level with Amazon Stores is a step in the right direction. Creative content is arguably a big-ticket to establish your brand equity and to promote customer loyalty in Amazon.

What Is a Storefront on Amazon?

First, let me emphasize that an Amazon Storefront is FREE! You can avail of it at no cost whatsoever. If you need help, you can reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. 

Again, the Amazon Store is a free premium content feature offered on Amazon that allows vendors to showcase their products and...

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