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5 Reasons You Want to Have a Great Product

Trying to sell an inferior product is no fun.
Many Sellers try to take the easy route by sourcing a product as cheap as possible. They think that this will lead to more profit for them. They are often wrong.
You see... there are many downsides to selling a bad product. These all eat into your profit and long-term success.
Here are 5 reasons to do what you can to sell good products.
1. More 5-Star Amazon Reviews
If you have a product that people love you'll get more 5-star reviews and less 2 or 3-star reviews.
This makes a huge difference in the perceived quality of your product. As you know... reviews and ratings are a major factor for customers considering buying your product. If you have several poor reviews you'll usually lose the sale. Especially if there are competitor products with higher customer reviews.
2. More Repeat Customers
When you have customers buying from you more than once you're much more likely to build a strong brand.
If someone buys your product and has a bad experience with it, what are the chances they'll buy again? Not good my friend.
3. Less Refunds
You may think because you sourced a product cheaper... you'll make more profit. Well, you have to include all the factors before determining your true profit.
You may get a lot of sales at first and get super excited. Yay! You have your winning product! Not so fast.
Since your product stinks customers are unhappy. Then the flood of returns come pouring in. There goes that precious profit... along with all those potential loyal customers.
4. More Referrals
People are only going to share your product with others if they like it. Referrals are effective because the endorsement comes from a trusted source. Plus it's free marketing.
Let's also think of the other side of this...
If someone has a bad experience with your product there's a good chance they'll tell others NOT to buy it. Ouch! Not the publicity you're looking for.
5. Can Charge Higher Prices
Putting extra effort and attention into making a great product can allow you to charge a premium. So, instead of duking it out with the low-ballers in their race to the bottom... you can enjoy selling in high ground. There will be less competition here and more profit in the long run.
That's it for now. So, get out there and sell awesome products. WOW! your customers and build your brand.
Talk soon,
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